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Planning isn't enough. Empathy and culture awareness is key.

There is always a certain sense of fear, apprehension or even dread when we speak to employees about their management. Whilst open communication is always applauded, we need to understand not all industries and cultures have a one-size-fit-all solution in productivity.

How do you do?

A hard-as-nails authoritarian management may not be the most popular style in this current era, but it still has its credits if you can identify, rightfully of course, that your industry, circumstances, and company culture justify the need.

That being said, the skill lies in maintaining a healthy mutual respect amongst all coworkers. There is also the fine line between being an authoritarian and tyrant, and many fall prey under the latter. This is when empathy plays its part.

Respect your team, and you will earn it

It is unfair to expect the management to fully comprehend the nitty-gritty daily work of the employees. It is also unnecessary to explain in full details how the management works out a 5-year strategy based on the massive data analysis collected over the past decade. What's important is that everyone knows they have their special role to play in the company, and respect their inputs when required. When that happens, you will witness the chemistry between team players change for the better, everyone will be more willing to chip in more than they need to. Fear is then eliminated, and respect is earned. You can almost feel the energy of the team evolving when empathy is consciously practiced. This is independent from the management style, and has long-lasting benefits.

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